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3 Exercises for Eliminating Belly Fat

The stomach seems to be a common problem area for many women. If you want to trim your waistline and are willing to put in the work, here are 3 simple and effective exercises that will tighten and tone your tummy. They are all equipment-free and can be done in the comfort of your home!

measuring bellyStanding Side Crunch

This exercise is a crunch but without the back and neck strain! This move will get more muscles moving than the standard crunch and targets the obliques and legs.

Side Plank 

A side plank is a simple exercise that targets the core area. It takes strength, but you can do it!

  • To begin, lie on your right side with your legs extended and feet resting one on top of the other
  • Make sure your right elbow is directly under your shoulder
  • Lift your hips and knees off the floor and hold for as long as you can. The more you do this exercise, the easier it gets and the longer you’ll be able to hold the position
  • Repeat on the left side


Leg Drop

  • Lie on the floor on your back
  • Contract your core as you lift your legs off the floor together, raising them 90 degrees
  • Slowly lower them towards the floor (without touching the floor) but only go as far as you can before your back begins to cave
  • It’s important to breathe and to ensure your lower back doesn’t lift off the floor
  • Repeat 10 times
  • If you want to challenge yourself, try scissor lifts!


Sometimes, even the strictest workout regime isn’t enough to trim all that stomach fat! If you want a flatter stomach but your workout isn’t cutting it, we offer two non-surgical body contouring solutions. That’s right, you don’t have to go under the knife for costly liposuction to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Body contouring is just as effective for treating excess fat and there’s no down time and little to no discomfort!


Mesotherapy is the safe, effective alternative for targeted fat reduction. This treatment uses a series of injections that dissolves fat.


BodyFx combines Radio Frequency with a high voltage pulse to destroy fat cells and tighten the skin. The number of treatments required depends on the individual patient but typically ranges between 6-8 sessions.

To determine the most effective treatment for achieving the results you desire, we recommend having a consultation with Dr. Bense. To book a free consultation, contact us today!



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