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Benefits of the Silhouette Lift – The Revolutionized Facelift

The Silhouette Lift at Bense SurgiSpa is the facelift, revolutionized. This non-invasive procedure uses silhouette lift sutures that lift the brows, cheeks, jowl and neck for a rejuvenated facelift.

Silhouette Lift

Below are 5 benefits of the Silhouette Lift:

  1. Little Downtime

One of the most attractive benefits of this lift is that the downtime for the procedure is little compared to a traditional facelift that can have a downtime of up to 3 weeks! With the Silhouette Lift you can resume normal activity within 2-4 days. This is because the procedure is non-invasive and only requires minimal incisions.

  1. Natural Results

The Silhouette Lift provides natural, long lasting results. Some patients are hesitant about getting certain procedures because they don’t want to look “done.” We assure you that your results will look natural and your facial expressions will still be visible after the lift.

  1. Quick and Easy

In less than an hour, you’ll look visibly younger with the Silhouette Lift. It’s a fast and effective procedure that can essentially be done on your lunch break. There’s no need to take a full day off of work to have it done.

  1. Long Lasting Results

The Silhouette Lift is a one-time procedure with results that can last for years to come. A 20 minute retightening procedure is an option available to our patients if they want to maintain their lift in the future, however it may not be necessary.

  1. Safe

With over 25,000 procedures performed in over 55 countries to date, it is safe to say that the Silhouette Lift is a safe procedure. In addition, the risks and side effects associated with the procedure are mild and rare.

Are You a Candidate?

To find out if you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure, contact us to book your free consultation with Dr. Bense. If you book today, you will receive a $1000 Bense SurgiSpa gift card!



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