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Bense SurgiSpa, Newfoundland’s only CAAASF-certified clinic

Many surgeons who are trained, qualified, and experienced still do not quite meet the mark. The good news is that there is a way to determine whether or not the facility you have chosen is one that you can trust. A Canadian Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities clinic is one that you can always count on for aesthetic procedures. Bense SurgiSpa is the only CAAASF clinic in Newfoundland. The following are just a handful of reasons why our CAAASF clinic is the one to choose.

5 Qualification Bense SurgiSpa offers as a CAAASF-certified Clinic:


  • The primary purpose of a CAAASF clinic is to provide surgeries. They are set up, outfitted with the right tools and equipment, and laid out to specifically create an environment for surgery. They have ample space, technologically advanced tools, and even an emergency electrical source. This ensures protection and safety for patients. These facilities also have monitoring devices and other sophisticated instruments to ensure that the procedures provide the safest possible outcome.
  • All surgeries performed at our facilities are done by a surgeon who is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Additionally, every facility has one or more M.D.s present during surgery and recovery. Staff and medical professionals are constantly putting the patient’s needs first, ensuring the best possible experience.
  • The standards of patient care and safety meet those required in a hospital’s outpatient unit. In many cases, the standards are exceeded in such an environment.
  • Medical records are obtained and a head nurse or physician not involved in the operation is constantly reviewing the charts and records. Peer reviews are an important aspect for quality control in a CAAASF clinic.
  • Facilities that are certified as such a clinic are required to provide evidence that they adhere to the standards of CAAASF. This not only includes documentation of reports, but also periodic inspections by those with the authority to do so.


The next time you are considering some type of aesthetic surgery, be sure to check into the reputation and certification of the clinic you plan to go to. CAAASF clinics truly have all the resources, professionals, and procedures that you need to look and feel your best, without running the risk of unintended side effects or trauma after surgery. As the only CAAASF clinic in Newfoundland, Bense SurgiSpa is your number one choice for aesthetic procedures you can trust.

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