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Body Contouring – Target Areas

Everyone wishes that at least one of their body parts was smaller, tighter, leaner and firmer. For women, common problem areas include arm jiggle, back fat, stomach fat, love handles and inner thighs. Unfortunately for some, extensive diet and exercise isn’t effective as they’d like it to be.

Are you tired of putting in the time and energy to get the body you’ve always wanted, but still not seeing the results? If so, Body Contouring may be the solution for you!

Body Contouring 101

Below is everything you need to know about Body Contouring including the treatment options available at Bense SurgiSpa: BodyFx and Mesotherapy.

Body Contouring InfographicBense SurgiSpa

If you have questions about Body Contouring or would like to know the method that would give you the best results, we recommend you come in for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bense. If excess fat is the only thing holding you back from having a body that you love, contact us today!

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