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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

You eat healthy and you exercise regularly, but still, you can’t seem to shake off those extra pounds. Sometimes there are genetic reasons why you can’t seem to lose that extra weight, which is why you may be having a harder time with weight loss even when exercising regularly and eating healthy.

unable to lose weight

Low Resting Metabolic Rate, High Metabolic Efficiency

What this means is that your body is more efficient at burning calories. Your body needs to burn less calories to maintain your energy, whether at rest or in motion, making weight loss difficult.


Women genetically have a higher percentage of body fat, while men have a greater muscle mass. As muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat, it’s easier for women to put on the extra pounds.

You’re More Weight Conscious than Health Conscious

If your exercise regime and diet are targeted to get you to the perfect size while ignoring the health needs your body has, you could potentially be doing yourself more harm than good.

What Can You Do?

Still can’t manage to drop the extra fat? Treatments like Mesotherapy and BodyFX can help you shed those extra pounds by permanently destroying fat cells. These treatments can give you the push you need to reach your weight loss goals if you find that exercise and dieting never seem to be enough.

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