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CosmoPen – 3 Things You Have to Know

Have you heard of CosmoPen? It is the newest addition to the treatments available at Bense SurgiSpa!

What is CosmoPen?

CosmoPen is a micro-needling system exclusively offered at Bense SurgiSpa. It is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves creating fine channels in the skin with tiny, sterile needles, also known as micro-needling the skin. This is done in order to induce endogenous production of cutaneous collagen. This increases the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing cascade, technically known as hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodelling.


So what are the three things you have to know about CosmoPen?

  1. CosmoPen Micro-Needling successfully addresses a wide range of aesthetic indications

CosmoPen is a state of the art micro-needling system designed to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, the main goal of CosmoPen is to improve the texture and quality of the skin, as well as smooth wrinkles, fine lines and soften scars. It can be used on any skin type.

CosmoPen also treats enlarged pores, stretch marks, skin pigment issues, vitiligo and male pattern baldness. It is designed to treat various skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, light scarring from acne and photo damage, and improve skin pigmentation and other skin texture changes. Every CosmoPen treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, but varies depending on the area being treated. Although the treatment may sound painful, we apply a numbing cream beforehand, which is designed to render the procedure painless.

  1. CosmoPen provides similar results to laser procedures, with less downtime.

CosmoPen works similarly to fractional lasers and is ideal for those patients who are unable to tolerate the downtime and cost of more aggressive treatments. It is a safe, effective and affordable medical micro-needling therapy offering anti-aging and reparative treatments.

The idea behind CosmoPen is to treat the deeper parts of the skin without removing the top layer, as some laser procedures do. It is the alternative to fractional laser, IPL and chemical peels, which are all treatments that are designed to improve the skin’s appearance. This controlled non-thermal injury beneath the skin induces the body to respond through the formation of new collagen and elastin. This safe and precise approach not only delivers results comparable to more complex technology, it allows for much less downtime than with some laser treatments. Patients may experience redness, slight swelling, itching or a burning sensation between 12 to 48 hours following treatment. It may feel much like being sunburned.

  1. CosmoPen treatments open the pores to enhance resurfacing results

During a CosmoPen treatment, 1300 temporary, fine channels can be generated per second, creating fractional rejuvenation of the skin. The pores remain open for 10-15 minutes post treatment. At this time, we apply topical solutions such as anti-aging solutions, topical nutrients and our very own plasma to help repair and accelerate resurfacing results.

CosmoPen at Bense SurgiSpa

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments to rejuvenate your appearance with medical aesthetic services and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Our mission is to provide the latest in aesthetic technology to empower you to look & feel your best.

To find out more about CosmoPen or if you think the procedure may be right for you, contact us to book your free consultation. Dr. Bense will be able to determine the number of treatments necessary to achieve desired results. After just the first treatment you will be able to see changes in your skin’s appearance. Don’t miss out on our special CosmoPen offer! Purchase a CosmoPen full-face treatment for $350 and receive a second area, valued up to $350 free! Areas include neck, chest or hands.


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