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Five Myths about Botox—Busted!

Five Myths about Botox—Busted!

Women everywhere are looking for the best way to combat the fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases on their foreheads. Countless skin care products and cosmetic procedures claim to be the cure. One of the most effective treatments is Botox injections. It produces immediate, noticeable results without any surgery or recovery time. Yet, many women are afraid to get this minor cosmetic procedure because of major misconceptions surrounding it. Here are five myths about Botox—busted!

1.You will not be able show emotion through facial expressions.
Botox treatments do not prevent any facial expressions. Your skin will not be stretched to a point that it cannot move, nor will you lose complete muscle activity. You will be able to show surprise when you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your partner —but without the unsightly creases and wrinkles that were between your brows before Botox!

2. Botox is painful.
The discomfort associated with Botox cosmetic procedures is very brief and minimal. Most people say they don’t feel anything more than small prick. If you are still worried about pain, you can ask the physician to numb the area first using an anesthetic cream or an ice pack.

3. Only the rich and famous can afford Botox.
You might be surprised to learn just how affordable Botox is. While the exact price will vary based on a number of factors, the average price is around $3-400 and the results last approximately four months. You could easily spend more than this on anti-aging topical products during the same amount of time; and, chances are, they would not be as effective as Botox.

4.The procedure takes too long.
Once you have had an initial consultation with a medical professional, the entire procedure lasts about 10 minutes from start to finish. You can take years off of your face in less time than it takes to get a manicure!

5. Botox is dangerous.
Any type of drug can be dangerous when it is not administered or dosed properly. The concentration of the drug is so low that it will not spread beyond the injection site. As long as you have a licensed medical professional perform the Botox injections, you can rest assured that it will not poison your body or cause any permanent damage.

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