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How To: Achieve Beautiful Lush Lips Without Surgery

You yearn for full, beautiful, luscious lips. It’s all you’ve ever wanted, but surgery worries you. It seems invasive and risky. Don’t worry, you have plenty of options! Let us show you the many non-surgical ways to achieve the full, sultry lips you’ve always wanted.


Here are your options for plumping your pout:


In some people, Botox can be used to widen the lips and make your smile appear fuller. This process doesn’t work for everyone. One of Bense SurgiSpa’s medical professionals will be able to assess your unique situation during a consultation and decide if Botox is right for your lips.


This procedure is quick and simple. It involves gentle injections to boost individual facial features. It instantly refreshes and rejuvenates your lips by making them appear fuller, softening smile lines, and creating an overall enhanced smile.

Juvederm is unique in the fact that the gel applied to lip areas creates a natural looking smile. While the procedure itself is immediate in its results, it is also completely reversible. So there’s no good reason to put off this treatment to get your fuller, sultry lips today!


This injectable filler is known to smooth wrinkles and plump up your lips. Volume is added through a natural substance that is already found in your body, serving to lubricate joints or give the eye its shape. We repurpose this substance and use it to fill your lips to make them beautifully full.

Restylane treatments provide instant results and usually takes 30 minutes.


Considering Your Options

No single method works best for everyone. To find out which option will work best for you, the next step would be to contact Bense SurgiSpa for a consultation. Lucky for you, our Beautiful You promotion has special offers just for your lips!

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