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Keeping Your Dry Skin Moisturized

It can be a hassle to try to figure out how to keep your dry skin moisturized. You may have tried product after product with the promise that your skin will feel smoother, softer, and more moist. Unfortunately, many of those products contain irritants that actually worsen the condition of dry skin. If you are looking for some simple ways to moisturize your dry skin, the following tips should get you started:

  • Bathe Less – While this may not sound like the ideal solution, the science behind it is quite fascinating and makes a lot of sense. When you use harsh, chemically based soap to cleanse your body, you are stripping the skin of natural oils. Your sebaceous glands are what replenish the oils and each time you hop in the tub, the glands have a harder time keeping the oils coming. If you bathe every day, try cutting back to every other day. If that is not a possibility for you, consider showering or bathing in warm water, rather than hot. The hot water also strips the body of oils, basically melting the oil away. Lukewarm water will allow the body to retain the oils a little bit better. In addition, shorten your showers or baths to less than 15 minutes and use gentle cleansers rather than harsh soap.
  • Moisturize Correctly – Not all moisturizers are created equal. Some moisturizers are specifically made for individuals with severely dry skin. Others contain the ingredients to moisturize oily skin without creating more oils. When you purchase a moisturizer, read through the ingredients to be sure that they won’t irritate your skin. Try to find a moisturizer that is naturally oil based so that the oils can trap the moisture within the skin. Be sure to apply the moisturizer right when you get out of the shower or bath and when your skin is still moist. Another good time to moisturize is after you wash your face at night, just before you turn in.
  • Humidify – Because such dry air circulates throughout your home and office during the winter, it is important to use a humidifier to moisten up the air. Some humidifiers are specific to heat, which will send more warm air into the home when it is cold outside, but will not dry out your skin like the heater does.


As you can see, taking steps toward moisturized skin can be easy. If you suffer from dry skin, and it seems to get worse during winter, take these steps and apply them in your life to see how much more pleasant it can be.

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