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Using Makeup to Look Youthful

You’re proactive about your skin. As soon as you noticed a few fine lines, you scheduled an appointment with us, and that was an excellent idea! Now you’re wondering how you keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful in between your appointments. Here is some advice from the Bense beauty experts:

As you age, your skin loses the volume it once held. A healthy flush will give you a youthful appearance. So smile, find those cheeks, and bring them out with blush.


Night cream and applying a moisturizer after you shower can help your skin look fresh, bright, and youthful between appointments.

Like your skin, your lips will lose volume as you age. You may notice that they appear thinner which detracts from your once youthful glow. How do you combat this? Emphasize them with a little lipstick.


Dark Under Eye Circles
The skin under your eyes is always thinner, but it grows even thinner as you age. Thick eye cream brings moisture and volume to that skin. Follow up with a yellow-based under eye concealer to hide those circles.

Brighter Skin
Remember that youthful glow you once had? There’s a way to get it back! Find a good mineral makeup or one with light-reflecting ingredients to brighten your skin’s lost luster.


Is Makeup Enough?

Makeup will only go so far to maintain your youthful appearance. If you’ve followed these tips, but still aren’t getting that youthful glow that you remember from when you were younger, maybe it’s time to schedule a free consultation with us. We will guide you through the best procedures to meet your individual needs.

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