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How To: Hold the Aging Process at Bay

Aging? Wrinkles? With age comes wisdom, unfortunately, so do wrinkles. We all dread it, the process that reminds us that the fountain of youth exists in a fictional world while we’re stuck in reality. That’s right, aging. Let’s go over some common aging concerns and solutions.


What causes aging?

As we grow older, cells renew themselves much more slowly. What does this mean? Skin becomes thin and loose, allowing the three Ds of aging to take effect: deterioration, descent, and deflation.

Deterioration: fine lines, texture changes, wrinkles

Descent: droopiness, sagging skin

Deflation: loss of fullness or volume

When will this happen to me?

The aging process affects all individuals differently. Additional factors besides age, such as smoking or sun exposure, make predicting exact results impossible. General changes occur in each decade of aging.

30s: Smile lines will begin to appear; you may notice crow’s feet and fine lines in the forehead.

40s: Wrinkles and lines deepen, the corners of your mouth turn down, and your lip volume starts to decrease.

50s: Pronounced lines and wrinkles, thinner skin on cheeks, skin sags along jawline, and lip volume decreases.


Keep the aging process at bay. SoftLift is a customized treatment that uses Botox and Juvederm in unison to provide the most effective results.

SoftLift targets three facial areas individually: upper, middle, and lower sections. A customized approach means the best possible rejuvenation for your skin.

Upper: Your upper face includes your forehead and eyes. Here, Botox is used to relax muscles that cause frown lines and crow’s feet. These lines soften, making you appear youthful again.

Middle: The middle section of your face comprises your cheeks; the area between your eyes and your upper lips. Juvederm replenishes the skin here to create the volume and fullness that you recall from your youth.

Lower: You lower face is comprised of your smile, chin, and jaw. Here, Juvederm works to enhance your lips, smooth lines around your mouth, and contour your jawline.


SoftLift is safe and will help you regain the confidence you had in your youth. So hold your head up high and schedule a consultation with Bense SurgiSpa.

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