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Seven Common Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving and the endless supply of razors you’re forced to invest in? Thousands of consumers have turned instead to laser hair removal to rid their lives of the regular nuisance of shaving. Before the decision is made to invest in this fairly painless procedure, many have asked the same seven questions about the process.

What is Laser Hair Removal and How does it Work?

Laser hair removal is a process that disables large amounts of hair follicles in just a few seconds. With laser hair removal longer lasting results are achieved that you simply can’t get from a razor or waxing.

During the procedure, a laser beam is used to generate light at an intense level, penetrating the skin and reaching clear to the root of the hair. This beam impairs the hair growth of each follicle.

What Body Areas is Laser Hair Removal Appropriate for?

Laser hair removal can be used for virtually any part of the body. The most common places for laser hair removal are the underarms, back, breasts, chest, bikini line, face, legs and arms.

Which Hair Colors Respond Best to Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal works best with those who are light-skinned but have darker hair. Those with red, white, blonde or grey hair are not likely to be good candidates for the procedure.

How Many Treatments Should I Plan for?

Anywhere from 6-12 treatments may be required to achieve the results you desire. The number of treatments may be determined by several factors that affect the thickness, location and resilience of the hair follicles.

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Weight
  • Hormones
  • Diet
  • Metabolism
  • Medications
  • Hair growth cycle
  • Density of hair
  • Area being treated
  • Resilience of your hair follicles


Am I Restricted after Treatment?

After laser hair removal, there is no rest period before you can resume your regular activities. It is recommended that you use sun block on any treated areas that may be exposed to the sun. It’s also advised that you avoid solariums or tanning treatments during your laser hair removal treatments.

What does it Feel Like?

Although many report no change in sensation at all, you may feel a slight pinch or mild sting when the laser is delivered to the hair follicle.

Should I Expect Side Effects?

After your treatment, you may notice slight reddening of the skin in the treated areas, or slight swelling in local areas. Side effects rarely last longer than an hour or so, but you may notice some swelling or discoloration for several days after treatment.

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