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Skin and Acne Therapy

What is acne? What causes Acne?

Acne is formed when a follicular opening (pore) gets blocked and the skin’s natural oil cannot drain. Once this occurs and a blockage is formed bacteria begins to grow, this blockage is called a ‘Microcomodone’. If the microcomodone is non-inflamed they are common skin blemishes called ‘Comedones’, known as WHITEHEADS or BLACKHEADS. If the microcomodone becomes inflamed, acne (pimples) will occur, including PAPULES, PUSTULES, and CYSTS/NODULES

A WHITEHEAD forms when trapped sebum and bacteria remain below the skin surface, which form tiny white bumps, and generally clear up in a few days if they do not become inflamed.

A BLACKHEAD forms when the sebum, which contains melanin, oxidizes and turns a black color. Blackheads may be stubborn to clear up because the “plug” very slowly releases to the surface.

A PAPULE forms when there is a break in the pore wall forcing white blood cells to the area and the pore becomes inflamed. A PUSTULE forms a few days later; this is a very large pus filled lesion. If the follicle opening breaks along the sides or bottom, a large, inflamed bump will occur, this is often painful to touch. Severe inflammatory responses to acne lesions can result in very large pus filled lesions to cover the entire area, which may turn into lined sacks, called cysts/nodules.

Are there treatment options available for Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in North America, and comes in a variety of appearances. It affects mainly teenagers, but it can also begin or persist into your 20s, 30s, and later. Bense SurgiSpa patients will benefit from a variety of treatments and products that will keep their complexion smooth and clear. Our team will work with you to develop an acne treatment plan that will be best suited for your grade of acne.

How can I prevent my Acne from coming back?

Once your treatment program is completed and the area is clear and smooth, preventing a reoccurrence of acne is to ensure you maintain the acne home skin care regime and follow up maintenance treatments recommended by your skin care specialist.

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