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Teosyal Redensity I Patient Blog

European women seem to have ALL the best-kept beauty secrets….but not anymore!

Introducing Redensity 1 – a new treatment to achieve what we have all been striving for…hydrated, radiant, firmer, smoother skin that is at the healthiest it’s ever been! This award-winning treatment has been popular with Europeans for years for its natural “healthy looking skin” effects. At Bense Surgispa we’re so excited to be offering this revolutionary skin injectable treatment.

Age, stress, hormonal changes, harmful effects of UV rays, oxidants and environment can all lead to dull, dry, lackluster skin. For years, Europeans have been privy to the latest treatments in order to combat the harmful effects of our environment and make it a priority to take care of their skin, starting from a young age to preserve the healthy looking skin.

For the last 5 years, they have had a major advantage – they have been using Redensity 1! Redensity 1 combines three natural potent antioxidants, eight amino acids, vitamin B6 and free Hyaluronic Acid – all naturally occurring components in the skin in order to stimulate collagen production, elastin production and restore hydration. Redensity I is administered through very fine needles placed extremely superficially underneath the skin, where the body needs it, in order to create change. These ingredients fuel the body to combat the signs of aging and re-densifies the dermal layer of the skin.

The treatment protocol is simple – three appointments, three weeks apart. While results may be seen after the first session, the cumulative effect is seen after the third session. Optimally, this treatment would be performed twice a year.

Whether you have a special event coming up or are looking to achieve natural, healthy-looking skin this treatment has something for everyone. Looking radiant just got a whole lot easier. Our European sisters couldn’t keep this one a secret forever!

We hope you enjoy our Redensity Patient Blog

I had my neckline treated by Kristine with Redensity I – using the Teosyal pen which is a new medical device exclusive to Bense Surgispa. The treatment was very gentle, consistent, and virtually painless. It was quick, took less than 15 minutes – which is fabulous!

Pre Redensity I treatment
Pre Redensity I Treatment


Immediately after the treatment, I had some mild redness, which disappeared quickly. I also had small “blebs” similar to mosquito mark along the neckline – similar in appearance to a pearl necklace. The “blebs” were gone soon after treatment. There was no discomfort or pain during or following the treatment. The treatments were non-invasive and allowed me to resume all normal activities immediately afterward.


Immediately post Redensity I treatment
One day post Redensity I treatment


“I noticed improvement with each consecutive treatment. The full Redensity I treatment regime consists of three treatments over 9-10 weeks. There was a noticeable difference in my overall skin texture. My skin felt tighter, firmer and looked “younger”. It was more hydrated and therefore smoother, with the necklace lines appearing softer.”

*Images are a Bense Surgispa patient during and after Redensity treatment. Results may vary.
After 3 Redensity I treatments
After 3 Redensity I treatments


Kristine’s skill, technique, professionalism, and compassion are exceptional! I would highly recommend these treatments to my friends, family, and clients!

I can really see the difference when I look in the mirror! I love how polished my neck looks. Redensity is a wonderful, non-invasive, natural looking neck rejuvenation treatment!

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