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Some Things to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Skin

Caring for sensitive skin isn’t necessarily a fun thing to do each day, and during the winter it can become even more of a chore. Truly sensitive skin means that you probably have issues when it comes to the moisturizers and cosmetic products that you can use. You may experience redness, swelling, itching, cracking, or a worsening of eczema. The good news is that with a little knowledge, those symptoms can be reduced and you can feel more at ease with your skin this winter. The following are some things you should avoid with sensitive skin.


You may not be aware that the products you are using on your face may be the cause of the irritation you are experiencing. For individuals with acne, avocado and coconut oil may be considered irritants. Certain types of acids, as well as vitamin C, can cause stinging and burning on the skin. If you have had problems with cosmetics and cleansers in the past, some irritants to avoid include products with preservatives, coloring, and fragrances.

Harsh Weather

Although it’s sometimes completely unavoidable, try to keep yourself out of harsh weather conditions. Strong winds can chap the skin and dry it out fairly quickly. If you must go out, bundle up and try to keep as much skin covered as you can. In addition, the more you are outside in the cold, the more you will go indoors and turn up the heat. Heaters seem to dry out the skin fairly quickly, which can cause more sensitivity every time.


Some individuals may think that staying damp is a good thing, but when the water dries out, so does the skin. Water is not a moisturizer, which makes it important that you keep gloves, socks, and underclothes dry at all times. If you are out in the rain or snow, be sure that you have extra accessories to change into after you have dried off indoors.

Poor Diet

A poor diet can actually have an adverse effect on your skin. You probably already know how eating right and having a healthy diet can benefit your body, but the truth is that with the right nutrients and vitamins, your skin will benefit as well. Individuals who suffer from sensitive skin should steer toward foods that contain B vitamins. Some supplements may contain the vitamins, but it is a lot more fun to just get it through proper eating. Some foods that contain B vitamins are whole grains, sunflower seeds, dairy products that are low in fat, and tuna.

By avoiding these few things, you will quickly be on the path to better overall health. Remember to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin in order to truly feel the good effects of keeping it healthy.

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