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EVLT™ (Endovenous Laser Treatment)

EVLT™ (Endovenous Laser Treatment)

EVLT™ (Endovenous Laser Treatment) is an alternative to the traditional vein stripping procedure which requires hospitalization, a general anesthetic, and healing time from incisions.

EVLT™ with our state of the art laser effectively and safely treats varicose veins. There is little to no scarring, patients can return to daily activities immediately, and it is typically covered by insurance.

How Is EVLT™ Performed?

At Bense SurgiSpa, EVLT™ is a quick, minimally invasive, outpatient, laser procedure performed utilizing imaging guidance. After applying anesthesia to the vein, the surgeon inserts a thin catheter into the vein guided with ultrasound and carefully guides it up the greater saphenous vein (thigh) or, the lesser saphenous vein (calf). Pulses of laser light are then delivered inside the vein, heating the vein and sealing it closed. There is no post-operative scarring, as only a tiny laser probe and a slim plastic sheath enter the vein through a small nick in the skin.

Benefits of EVLT™

  • Little or no pain
  • Virtually no scarring
  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • A quick outpatient procedure (under 1 hour)
  • Normal activities can be resumed immediately

Patient Brochure

If you would like more information you may view or download the VenaCure EVLT™ (Endovenous Laser Treatment) brochure here.


“EVLT treatment at Bense Surgi Spa changed my life. I spent many years unable to wear what I wanted. I was very selective. You see, I had a issue with my leg — the veins didn’t look normal. They were bulging and large for years. It is a condition called varicose veins. It destroyed my self confidence – I couldn’t wear leggings, white pants, skirts without tights, or shorts in public. I had to keep it covered. But, thanks to Bense Surgi Spa, all that changed!

You see, I recently had EVLT treatment on my leg at Bense Surgi Spa, and boy, what a difference! I seen change within a few week. Within a few months, my leg was virtually normal! I couldn’t believe it! I could wear what I wanted again! It was amazing!! I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone suffering like I did, worth every penny.

I can’t say enough about the wonderful, pleasant and courteous staff at Bense Surgi Spa. They treated me like a queen and made me feel safe as I undertook the procedure.

I highly recommend Bense Surgi Spa. No better treatment or service anywhere.”

– Bense Surgispa Patient, 2018.



“Over the course of the last twenty years my varicose veins have developed into an unsightly bulge. Since my EVLT (EndoVenous Laser Treatment) my leg is much more aesthetically pleasing, plus health concerns as I age have been drastically reduced. Thank you, Dr. Farrell and staff!”

– Bense Surgispa Patient, 2017.
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