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JUVÉDERM® Dermal Filler

JUVÉDERM® Dermal Filler

It is with great pride that the Bense SurgiSpa team under the expert leadership of Dr. Mike Bense and Kristine Feaver-Noseworthy RN, have now adopted a new cutting-edge approach to each facial aesthetic unit of the face when using injectable gel fillers like JUVÉDERM® in the face. We have adopted the advanced MD Codes System, informs us of the structural sites in the face that when addressed, will create the most desirable natural facial architecture for our clients.

Our standardized treatment plans provide a better understanding of the complexity of the human face. The range of JUVÉDERM® products we feature: VICROSS Collection designed to address the needs of specific areas of the face with these products, JUVÉDERM® VOBELLA, JUVÉDERM® VOLIFT and JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA.

The versatility of JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers, including the VICROSS Collection, in combination with MD Codes developed by Dr. Mauricio de Maio, Plastic Surgeon, Brazil, marks a significant leap forward in the field of medical aesthetics. They bring a new level of sophistication to procedures using the ‘recipe’ of the MD Code.

JUVÉDERM® is an injectable gel filler that adds volume and definition to facial features while keeping your appearance natural, symmetrical, and well balanced. The main ingredient in JUVÉDERM® is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar in your body, combined with the water in your skin restores lost fullness, smoothes lines, and wrinkles, and subtly enhances lips. The formulation of JUVÉDERM® provides results that look and feel very natural. For anyone interested in enhancing facial features or refreshing and rejuvenating your appearance, JUVÉDERM® can be used to:

  • Soften smile lines
  • Restore lost fullness in your cheeks
  • Enhance lips
  • Contour jaw line

The treatment is quite comfortable as it uses the patented formulation of JUVÉDERM® XC (extra comfort), combined a localized pain reliever. Immediately after treatment, the appearance of lines on your face will be reduced, your lips fuller and more defined, and your cheeks plumper. The final result is a naturally refreshed appearance that everyone will notice, but no one will know!

Refresh and Rejuvenate

JUVÉDERM® rejuvenates and refreshes your appearance by smoothing lines, restoring natural contours and replacing lost cheek volume. The gel solution is placed beneath the folds and wrinkles, ‘filling in’ or ‘plumping up’ the skin depression. The commonly treated areas with JUVÉDERM® are static facial lines, the lines you see when your face is not moving. The areas most treated are nasolabial folds, marionette lines, vertical lip lines, cheeks, and chin.


JUVÉDERM® injections are also used as facial fillers to enhance lips and cheeks. With subtle and strategically placed injections, it will contour and define your lips and cheeks, with a natural, symmetrical and well-balanced appearance.

Teosyal® Dermal Filler

Young, healthy-looking skin contains an abundance of a naturally hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid (HA). As we age, sunlight and other factors can reduce the amount of HA in our skin. The lack of HA causes our skin to lose structure and volume, creating unwanted facial wrinkles and folds – like those lines around the nose and mouth. The Teosyal® injectable filler line can be an effective, safe way to replace the HA your skin has lost, bringing back its volume and smoothing away facial wrinkles and folds. Teosyal® injectable filler products have a high concentration of cross-linked HA, providing longevity of treatment with minimal downtime.

Teosyal® is the number one dermal filler in Europe. It is 100% non-animal origin, resorbable hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler product. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin acting like a sponge, retaining water to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Teosyal® is one of the purest fillers available, helping to reduce redness, edema and provide a longer result. It can be used on the entire face including lips, cheeks, forehead, and eyes, as well as neck and neckline. Teosyal® does have a cumulative effect, so less product is required for touch-up sessions. Teosyal® Dermal Fillers have a unique cross-linked formula that comes with the additional benefit of localized pain reliever, a superior freezing agent that helps to numb the injected area. This means that the patient can expect to feel comfortable and that the procedure is very tolerable and easy.


The launch of an exciting advancement in the non-surgical cosmetic industry is the TEOSYAL®PEN. It is the first, cordless, motorized hyaluronic acid injection system bringing filler injections to a new level of expertise and patient comfort.

This revolutionary injection system optimizes a patient’s experience. With its unique design and innovative technology, Teosyal Pen offers a smoother injection experience for the patient and a more natural, easier injection platform for the injector. European reports are unanimous that patients have a positive Teosyal experience when the pen is used, and practitioners feel that their injections are more precise.

With the use of the pen, our licensed professional injectors are able to focus on the aesthetic aspects of their work while minimizing patient discomfort. The Teosyal Pen prevents peaks of pressure that could be painful for the client and minimizes the bruising often associated with hyaluronic acid injections. The pen has proven particularly superior when injecting the delicate areas around the mouth and eyes. The flow of the product is smoother and more continuous, resulting in even more natural and balanced outcomes. Our injectors at Bense Surgispa have received advanced level training in the line of Teosyal® fillers and the automated TEOSYAL®PEN.

Know your injector

Our team of Certified injectors works under the supervision and direction of Dr. Michael Bense. All of our patients are assessed by Dr. Bense prior to receiving any aesthetics treatment, providing a comprehensive and consultative approach with both surgical and non-surgical options to consider. Our entire team stays current with new treatments and technologies through memberships and regular continuing education.

Our Clinic Director, Kristine Feaver-Noseworthy has over 30 years of nursing experience and has worked in the field of cosmetic aesthetics for 16 years. In 2002 she became one of the first nurses in Canada to perform cosmetic injections, and today we are proud that she has become one of the recognized “Top Nurse Injectors in Canada.”

JUVÉDERM® smooth injectable gel utilizes hylacross technology with one of the highest concentrations of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of any available HA dermal fillers currently in the industry, which may produce longer lasting results.
Botox Cosmetic temporarily blocks the transmission of signals between nerves and therefore inhibits muscles from contracting, smoothing lines and wrinkles from repeated facial movements. JUVÉDERM® is injected underneath a wrinkle, fold, scar or depression to fill it in, lifting it thereby smoothing the surface of the skin. The combination of BOTOX and JUVÉDERM® can result in a rejuvenated appearance. Soft Lift® is a non-surgical cosmetic injectable treatment of Botox Cosmetic® and JUVÉDERM®® to give a balanced, refreshed, natural look in only one session! Botox Cosmetic® is used to treat the lines around the eyes and forehead which makes a person appear tired or angry. JUVÉDERM®® is used on the lines around the mouth and to restore the loss of fullness or deflation that can occur with aging in the cheeks, lips and chin. Soft Lift® works well for men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA™ is a new option for lip rejuvenation which offers a smooth and natural look and feel. Depending on the product and where it is injected, fillers will vary in how long they last. Typically a lip filler treatment will last for approximately 3 -12 months. When used in other facial areas, filler duration is usually 6-18 months.

Depending on your need and desire JUVÉDERM® can be used for many different purposes. It can be used as a wrinkle filler, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases. JUVÉDERM® can also be used to restore lost volume in the cheeks and chin and to enhance features such as lips and cheeks. JUVÉDERM® is a quick, safe, effective, and non-surgical option for refreshing your appearance.There are several varieties of facial fillers available today, but the patented formulation in JUVÉDERM® offers you the following facial rejuvenation benefits:

  • Smooth, natural looking results.
  • In a single treatment, it is clinically proven to last up to a year.
  • Quick, easy and comfortable.
  • JUVÉDERM® XC contains lidocaine – an effective localized pain reliever which provides an injection experience that is gentle and comfortable.
  • Receive quick, natural results.
  • You will see improvement in the areas treated right away. Most patients require only one treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing or volume enhancement.
  • Unlike a face-lift, JUVÉDERM® is a non-surgical, healthcare professional-administered treatment that can be performed in only 15-30 minutes (depending on the areas treated).
  • HA fillers are biodegradable, meaning the gel breaks down over time and disappears, unnoticed, from your body returning to your pre-filler appearance.
  • Proven safe and effective.
  • JUVÉDERM® has been approved by Health Canada
You may feel a prick at the injection site, but no anesthesia is required. The feeling of discomfort is very individual depending on how sensitive to pain you are. Some temporary injection-related reactions may occur, usually mild to moderate and clear up within seven days. The most common reactions include redness, discomfort, firmness, swelling, bruising, and minor bumps. It is safe to switch from one type of filler to another, in fact, different fillers are often used to treat different areas of the face. Your physician will suggest the best product or combination of products to achieve optimal results depending on the area you would like to treat.


  • Do not take aspirin, Vitamin E or green tea 3–5 days before treatment (to help reduce the possibility and amount of swelling).
  • It is an injection, and there can be some discomfort, a topical anesthetic can be applied one hour before treatment to numb the area. You should expect to be in the office for approximately 1 hour in this case.
  • Icepacks on the treated area can help reduce the possibility/amount of swelling.

* Individual results may vary
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