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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is a safe, simple, non-surgical, and natural treatment for hair loss that uses a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma from their blood to repair damaged hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and provide fuller, thicker, denser and healthier hair. The procedure takes only approximately 45 minutes and within a few months may provide some very noticeable results. It is great for patients who are looking for an effective, less invasive and affordable alternative to surgical transplant procedures.

What’s this PRP Buzz all about?

The power of PRP hair treatment is in your own blood…don’t worry it’s not as creepy as it sounds!

Platelet-rich plasma PRP therapy is taking the hair transplant industry by storm in Canada. It was nicknamed the Vampire Facial in the past when the Kardashians and other Insta-famous personalities raved about their PRP facials online. Talking “blood for beauty” may sound strange but rest assured, the extensive scientific study and successful track record behind this biotechnology have been long established in the medical world.

PRP began as regenerative medicine post-surgery then moved into sports injury recovery and cosmetic skin treatments. In recent years, it’s launched some of the most promising hair growth therapy available worldwide. In Canada, PRP for hair loss is taking the hair transplant industry by storm. At Bense Surgispa we are very pleased to offer PRP for hair rejuvenation to our clients.

WorldPRP™ for Hair Loss Only at Bense

At Bense SurgiSpa, we have always and continue to invest solely in the latest and most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available. WorldPRP™ is exactly that. The patented WorldPRP™ 25 ML hourglass-shaped tube is the world’s first versatile tool capable of producing the highest quality and quantity PRP without sacrificing quality, quantity, or time.

UNIQUE DESIGN patented 25 ml hourglass-shaped tube

How is WORLDPRP™ Different?

WorldPRP™ technology is the next generation in PRP. The advantages of WorldPRP™ technology are:

  • Excellent purity & platelet recovery (a higher quality PRP is produced)
  • Gel & plunger free (a more natural PRP product)
  • Patented 25ML tube provides the highest quantity of PRP and this allows for take-home PRP treatments for patients.
  • Fastest. Only a 3 minute centrifuge time (quicker appointment times)

GENTLE CENTRIFUGATION One of the essentials of PRP is ensuring the maximum recovery and highest quality of platelets.

What does PRP do?

PRP involves the local application of blood components to promote healing. It is known as an autologous treatment since it uses elements of the person’s own blood. Platelets and white blood cells release small molecules that act as messengers to regulate tissue healing.

This promotes the growth of cells, the development of new vessels and the synthesis of collagen, while “waking up” undifferentiated dormant cells present in tissues to become active and specialized. In a word, PRP triggers cellular rejuvenation.
PRP non-surgical hair rejuvenation treatment may:

  • Awaken dormant follicles
  • Provide nutrients to existing hair follicles
  • Increase blood supply to the follicles
  • Increase hair shaft thickness
  • Trigger and maintain the growth phase
  • Decrease hair loss

Does PRP for hair loss really work?

PRP is amazing, it’s all-natural, and most importantly, it works by allowing your own stem cells and growth factors to work together and reverse the shrinking of hair follicles and send dormant hair back into a growth stage. The result is thickening and regrowth of hair.

Who is a Candidate?

Almost anyone with thinning hair or hair loss can be a good candidate. Both men or women experiencing Alopecia, a medical term for hair loss which refers to hair loss on the body and scalp.

Some shedding of hair is part of the natural cycle of hair growth, shedding and replacement. We shed about 50 – 100 hairs a day, but new ones normally grow back to replace them. And when you lose more hair than you replace this results in bald patches or thinning of hair.

While hair loss may seem like a cosmetic issue it can have negative psychological effects. Both male and female pattern baldness, for example, maybe associated with low self-esteem, depression and social isolation. Women tend to express being more emotionally impacted by hair loss than men.

Who is affected?

Male pattern baldness is marked by a receding front hairline and hair loss at the top of the head. It is believed to be related to genetic makeup and hormone levels. Male pattern baldness affects about 50% of men. It can start as early as in one’s teen years. Four out of five men will have some degree of baldness by age 70.

Female pattern baldness usually involves thinning of hair on the top, or the “crown” of the scalp. About 40% of women experience some signs of thinning hair by age 50. 80% of women will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 60. Genetics is believed to be involved, as well as some hormonal effects.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a recent breakthrough that has gained tremendous momentum in the field of aesthetics, including treatment for excessive hair loss. This treatment has been used for decades in other surgical applications and wound care. Initially it started as a healing adjunct to assist with open heart surgery. PRP then became more popular in 2011 after tennis player Raphaël Nadal used it to recover from a knee injury.It has in recent years shown proven results when used for hair restoration and, even more recently, in serious spinal injuries.

Hair loss typically occurs with aging, and is slightly more common in men than in women. But it can also happen for other reasons, such as after major surgery, after childbirth or due to another physical or psychological form of stress. It can also be attributed to underlying diseases such as lupus and iron deficiency, because of a hormonal imbalance or with the use of certain medications.

  • Heredity
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications and supplements
  • Stress
  • Hair styles and treatments
  • Hormonal changes
  • Radiation therapy

Patients may experience some discomfort from the injections, however it is not necessary to administer local anaesthetic beforehand.

Treatment is divided into the induction and maintenance phases. The induction phase consists of 4-6 treatments, each one month apart. Maintenance treatments are typically done every 6 months after that, however this may change based on the individual. Six months from your last treatment, a follow up evaluation is done to assess. Maintenance treatments are typically performed every 6 months on an ongoing basis. If you discontinue treatment, you may lose the benefits of PRP over time.

There are no known risks to PRP. The platelets and plasma being injected come from your own body. We invested in the patented WorldPRP™ system because it is gel and plunger free – WORLDPRP™ is known for its high level of purity & platelet recovery, therefore there is no known risk or allergic reaction.

Blood is drawn from the arm, similar to having bloodwork done. Once the blood is drawn, it is then placed in a high-speed centrifuge and the platelets are isolated. The plasma is then concentrated, collected and injected into the scalp with tiny needles. The entire process takes about 45 minutes. There is no downtime, so you can immediately return to regular activities.

* Individual results may vary
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