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The Benefits of SoftLift with Bense

Have you recently gotten SoftLift with us? If you haven’t you should know that if you spend over $1000 on SoftLift, you can receive a $300 credit towards IPL Photofacials, Laser Genesis Skin Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, Profractional Skin Resurfacing, and a Microdermabrasion /Glycolic Peel Combination! Don’t know what that means? Overwhelmed by your options? We’re here to clear up the treatments for you so you know how to best use your credit! IPL Photofacials Correct a number of benign skin imperfections with IPL! Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is a treatment breakthrough that can correct facial skin imperfections, the signs of aging, hyper pigmentation (brown spots), birthmarks, unsightly small veins, rosacea, and other blemishes. This procedure is called Photo Rejuvenation. Laser Genesis Skin Therapy Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is an innovative, advanced way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in both women and men. Yes, that means a … Continued

Cellulite 101

You want to reduce your cellulite? Before you do that, you have to know exactly what cellulite is. So then, what is it? What is cellulite? Cellulite is about more than just fat. Body fat or body size do not determine the appearance of cellulite. Instead, the bumpy appearance of cellulite on your skin is caused by fat forming between fibrous connective tissue. This is why it appears as dimples on the skin, and as this fibrous tissue exists mostly on the pelvic region, that is where cellulite tends to form. Causes? Okay, so we know what cellulite is, but what causes it? There are many factors that can cause cellulite to suddenly appear, but some of them include changes in metabolism, physiology, hormonal factors, genetic factors, or even a high-stress lifestyle. Why women? While anyone can get cellulite, it predominantly happens to women. According to various studies (such as … Continued

The Definitive List of Anti-Aging Eye Treatments

Your eyes are usually the first thing to age you. Crow’s feet, dropping eyelids, dark under-eye circles. So what can you do to mitigate the effects of aging on your eyes? Here is the definitive list of restorative eye treatments you can try! Botox: A non-surgical cosmetic procedure that helps reduce lines and wrinkles from the face. It can be used to treat crow’s feet. Contour Threadlift: A non-invasive facelift procedure that is meant to lift droopy areas of the eyebrow. Fractora: Provides anti-aging improvements on skin tone and texture using gentle heat and promotes collagen restructuring. iLidLift: This blade free procedure reduces the appearance of sagging eye lids. IPL: The intense pulsed light procedure corrects a variety of facial skin imperfections, such as signs of aging around the eyes. Laser Genesis Skin Therapy: Helps reduce fine line wrinkles, like those that typically form around the eye. ProFractional: A skin … Continued

Botox Myths Debunked

The popularity of Botox is on the rise and for good reason since it is highly effective and minimally invasive. With this newfound fame, of course comes scrutiny and myths that can be seen floating around all over the Internet. The Bense SurgiSpa team would like to set the record straight by debunking the following Botox myths below. Loss of Facial Expression   It’s the first thing you hear about Botox; that you can’t move your face. We treat your area of concern with minimum therapeutic dose of Botox Cosmetic. We will then follow up with a 2 week recheck if an additional treatment is necessary. Only Facial Lines Can Be Treated Did you know that Botox was initially developed as a treatment for neurological disorders, not as a cosmetic facial treatment? It’s still used today to treat migraines, chronic neck or joint pain, or facial spasms, Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating … Continued

The Melanoma Fact Sheet: How to Stay Safe in the Sun!

While a glowing tan may provide a boost in self-confidence, it can also be dangerous if you are not careful. Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers worldwide. In Canada, it is one of the top 7 most frequent cancers, affecting 6000 people in 2013 and causing 1,027 deaths. (source) While these stats may terrify you, they don’t mean you should take to the shade for the rest of the summer. Instead, it’s important to be informed about your risks and how to avoid them. Causes If you didn’t already know, the primary cause of melanoma is exposure to harmful UV rays. These rays can come from either the sun or a tanning bed. 90% of melanoma cases are related to severe UV exposure and sunburns over a lifetime (source). Who is at Risk? Young people are most affected by melanoma; it is one of the most common types … Continued

What Hair Removal Method is Right for You?

Removing unwanted hair can be irritating. We evaluate the ways you can reduce unwanted hair to help you decide which method is right for you. Shaving While shaving is the most common option, it may not be the best option. If you shave, you know it requires upkeep. You can go a couple days without touching your razor at most. You also know the pains and annoyances of not getting a close enough shave or razor burn.  Women with coarse hair also know the problems that arise from ingrown hairs in sensitive areas. What’s the cost? The shaving cream and razor replacement can cost upwards of $100 per year. Waxing This is a longer lasting solution to shaving as it lasts a few weeks. It also pulls the hairs out from the roots, causing pain and also making it necessary to apply anti-bacterial lotion to make sure you don’t get … Continued

Protect Yourself from Sun Damage

The days are getting warmer and you’re getting that gorgeous glow on your skin from spending some extra time in the sun. While that glow looks gorgeous on you, remember to keep your skin safe from the sun’s rays! You can prevent future sun damage and sun burns by staying safe while out in the sun. Remember the SPF Skin protected by SPF prevents harmful UV damage. Protecting your skin has many benefits. One of these benefits is collagen production. By protecting yourself with SPF, your skin cells retain their ability to produce collagen, which is the protein in your skin that gives it firmness and elasticity. Basically, think of sunscreen as anti-aging protection as well as sun protection! Take to the Shade At times when the sun’s UV rays are most intense, take to the shade. While shade doesn’t provide complete sun protection, it can help when you should … Continued

Using Makeup to Look Youthful

You’re proactive about your skin. As soon as you noticed a few fine lines, you scheduled an appointment with us, and that was an excellent idea! Now you’re wondering how you keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful in between your appointments. Here is some advice from the Bense beauty experts: Blush As you age, your skin loses the volume it once held. A healthy flush will give you a youthful appearance. So smile, find those cheeks, and bring them out with blush. Moisturize Night cream and applying a moisturizer after you shower can help your skin look fresh, bright, and youthful between appointments. Lipstick Like your skin, your lips will lose volume as you age. You may notice that they appear thinner which detracts from your once youthful glow. How do you combat this? Emphasize them with a little lipstick. Dark Under Eye Circles The skin under your eyes … Continued

FAQs about Your Bense SurgiSpa Consultation

What is the difference between Botox and Filler? Botox helps to relax the muscle blocking the strength of the signal from the nerve to the muscle which creates a smoother and more relaxed look and Tissue Filler gives volume to an area by filling or plumping the wrinkles or deep depressions. How many treatments will I need? That depends on what treatment you’re coming in for. Some treatments require that you come in for several sessions in order for them to be effective, while others require that you come in for follow ups. Below we have detailed the amount of sessions needed for our major treatments: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – 3 to 5 (with follow-ups 1 to 2 per year) Laser Hair Removal – 6 to 12 Mesotherapy – 4 BodyFx – 6 to 12 Genesis – 3 to 5 (with follow-ups 1 to 2 per year) Glycolic Peel … Continued

How To: Hold the Aging Process at Bay

Aging? Wrinkles? With age comes wisdom, unfortunately, so do wrinkles. We all dread it, the process that reminds us that the fountain of youth exists in a fictional world while we’re stuck in reality. That’s right, aging. Let’s go over some common aging concerns and solutions. What causes aging? As we grow older, cells renew themselves much more slowly. What does this mean? Skin becomes thin and loose, allowing the three Ds of aging to take effect: deterioration, descent, and deflation. Deterioration: fine lines, texture changes, wrinkles Descent: droopiness, sagging skin Deflation: loss of fullness or volume When will this happen to me? The aging process affects all individuals differently. Additional factors besides age, such as smoking or sun exposure, make predicting exact results impossible. General changes occur in each decade of aging. 30s: Smile lines will begin to appear; you may notice crow’s feet and fine lines in the … Continued

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